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Ends September 22nd

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ABOUT MODUM.IO combines IoT sensors with blockchain technology to provide data integrity for transactions of physical products, streamlining supply chain processes in many sectors. Learn more about our service.


Blockchain Enabling

The modum business model innovates emerging blockchain technologies for logistics and applies them to an established industry: pharmaceuticals. With a clear, regulation-driven use case, the modum system is developing a stringent application with a high concern for accountability thereby pioneering blockchain technologies. modum’s vision is providing data integrity for physical products en masse in order to increase transparency and to facilitate process automation.

Blockchain Agnostic

The modum smart contracts are not restricted to a single blockchain. Our pilot projects, including those with a large Basel pharmaceutical company and a leading parcel distributor, used the Ethereum platform. Ethereum was chosen for its stability and its simplicity in creating the governing logic of the smart contract execution. However, remains agnostic in terms of blockchain use in order to avoid dependency on a single platform or limit the preferences of clientele. is currently testing the integration of other smart contract enabled blockchains.

IoT Platform

The modum system relies on a secure IoT sensor device. Feasibility of the system was tested using the Texas Instruments SimpleLink multi-standard CC2650 SensorTag as a prototype. The modum temperature logger will be released in Q1 2018, it will be qualified for pharma, secure, and cost-effective.’s long term strategy is to provide a platform for data integrity using innovative IoT technology to monitor all of the conditions that affect physical products.


MOD Token sale web app:


Token Sale start date: September 1st


Token Sale end date: September 22nd


Token Type: Ethereum ERC20


Price: 1 USD = 1 MOD


Benefits: Voting & profit participation rights


Purchase methods accepted: BTC / ETH / IOTA


Total token supply: 30 million (30,000,000) MOD

  • Max. 20.1 million will be offered in a crowdsale:
    • 2.1 million (7%) are offered in a pre-sale with a 50% discount.
    • 18 million (60%) will be offered in public sale
      • 6 million with a 30% discount
      • 6 million with a 15% discount
      • 6 million with 0% discount

Oversubscriptions of a bonus tier get allocated to the following tier.


9.9 million (33%) will be locked in a smart contract and released upon public voting:

  • 0.9 million to cover the token sale expenditures and the bug bounty program.
  • 9 million will be released over the next three years to retain profit sharing rights to AG.


Details: Read the white paper, factsheet, view the terms of token sale, join us on slack.



Why invest in

  • A product-market fit, proven through successful commercial pilots
  • A MOD token, coming with aligned incentives with profit sharing token structure
  • Fair ITO conditions with a reasonable cap, under Swiss law
  • Short time-to-market due to commercial launch in Q1/2018
  • Pre-investments of close to 1,000,000 USD
  • A great team with an incredible breadth of experience
  • A blockchain agnostic setup, prepared for the future
  • Voting rights, enabling a fair and community-controlled milestone approval

How to invest in

You can apply for the token sale now by using the button below. will send you a link to the MOD Token sale web app in time for you to login when the sale opens on September 1 st. From there you will follow a few simple steps to complete the process. Learn more in our step-by-step guide and web app preview.


Submit and confirm your email address and accept the terms and conditions.

Choose Wallet

Upload or create your own, personal wallet into which MOD tokens will be distributed.


Generate personalized Ethereum, Bitcoin, and IOTA addresses to send your payments to.

BONUS ALLOCATIONS will offer discounts for early investors according to the scheme outlined below. Upon successful transfer of your payment a confirmation email is sent. When the sale is complete, the invested amount will be converted to USD and the minted MOD tokens will be distributed. The estimated current bonus tier is visible on the token website. The displayed amount may change due to changing exchange rates and is therefore indicative. Final bonus tier and token allocation is done post transaction. For trustworthy exchange rates we rely on third parties, such as Lykke Corp.

Pre Token Sale

  • 2,100,000 tokens
  • 50% discount
  • 0.5 USD = 1 MOD

1st Tier Token Sale

  • 6,000,000 tokens
  • 30% discount
  • 0.7 USD = 1 MOD

2nd Tier Token Sale

  • 6,000,000 tokens
  • 15% discount
  • 0.85 USD = 1 MOD

3rd Tier Token Sale

  • 6,000,000 tokens
  • 0% discount
  • 1 USD = 1 MOD

modum Token Distribution

  • All tokens are to be distributed to participants within 30 days after the token sale closes.
  • Confirmation will be sent via email.
  • All participants will be updated regularly regarding the listing of tokens to exchanges



MOD token characteristics
  • What are MOD Modum tokens?

The modum token (MOD) is an ERC-20 compatible token distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract


  • What can MODs be used for?

The modum token is a token with voting rights and profit share rights.


  • How does the profit sharing process work?

The profit share smart contract is open source.

A payment equivalent to the part of the profit generated by AG which is used for dividend payments as proposed by the board of modum and subsequently enacted by the shareholders will be forwarded to all MOD Tokenholders. The profit fiat amount is converted to Ether and sent to the modum smart contract. The modum smart contract evaluates the current holdings and distributes the profits to token holder in Ether. Tokens that are locked for the shareholders of do not come with profit participation rights for the entire duration of the lock-up.


  • How does the voting process function?

The smart contract is open source.

Every MOD token in circulation is entitled to one vote. Token holders will vote to decide whether in their opinion the team has reached the predefined milestones and thus the locked MOD tokens shall be released. Locked tokens for do not come with voting rights for the entire duration of the lock-up.


  • When does intend to pay profits? is not legally permitted to forecast profits. However, our business plan foresees a break-even point in 2018.


  • Why are 9.9 million MOD tokens being reserved for wants to assure every token holder that the team is incentivized to further advance the modum system. The locked MOD tokens will stay locked until a simple majority of votes decides if milestones were achieved or not. Detailed information regarding the voting principle and profit share process can be found in the modum whitepaper.'s business case
  • Does already have a product and with a well-established business case? has a working temperature logger prototype, which was used to track shipments in several pilot projects within Europe and to the Middle East. is currently launching the first generation of its own, proprietary sensor device based on findings from each pilot. Our go-to-market strategy is regulatory driven, based on new requirements placed on the pharma industry. We are already working with industry partners and clients to deliver the modum system.


  • How was’s first business case developed?

The European Commission has recently released tightened regulatory requirements for the transport of medicinal products for human use.’s first service offers an efficient system to comply with these regulatory requirements.


  • What are these regulatory changes?

Chapter nine of the Good Distribution Practice regulation (GDP 2013/C 343/01) now requires proof that shipped medicinal products have not been exposed to conditions (particularly temperature) that may have compromised their quality.


  • How does solve improve its clients’ ability to be compliant with GDP regulations

To date, pharmaceutical companies achieve compliance with regulatory requirements by using expensive, temperature-stabilized trucks and containers from third-party logistics providers (3PLs). offers a more efficient supply-chain solution, which enables companies to prove compliance with GDP regulations by using blockchain and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology.


  • What is the business potential of the modum solution?

By using the modum system, costs per shipment can be reduced by up to 60%. With respect to the 200 million shipments of pharmaceutical products in the EU, a widespread adoption of the modum system has the potential to reduce industry-wide expenses of approximately 3 billion EUR annually.


  • What is’s go-to market strategy?

Currently, the modum system is being integrated into the system of the leading last-mile logistics service provider in Switzerland. is planning to finalize this integration in Q4/2017. Upon successful completion, official market entry will begin in Q1/2018.

Additionally, is in negotiations with significant customers from within the pharma distribution vertical in the UK, France, Germany, Turkey, and Vietnam.


  • What is’s vision for growing its platform for expanded service delivery?, with its system and first business case, eagerly anticipates horizontal and vertical growth by evolving the developed system. Low-cost and low-power IoT sensors have become commonplace for:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity/moisture
  • Light/machine vision
  • Acceleration/tilt
  • Acoustics/sound/vibration
  • Position/proximity
  • Motion/velocity/displacement
  • Chemical/gas
  • Flow (Liquid)
  • Electric/magnetic
  • Force/load/torque/strain/pressure foresees adding sensor devices with these capabilities to build a platform for IoT monitoring in supply chain across a variety of sectors.


  • Into which sectors could the modum system be expanded?

With the experience gained from the high standards and low-cost requirements set by the pharma industry, the modum system will be well positioned to be deployed in other sectors. has been approached by leading companies from the following sectors, each of which have overlapping needs with the solutions laid out in our first use case:


  • Healthcare has been approached by Healthcare institutions to improve their processes (internal and multi-stakeholder) using IoT and blockchain technology.


  • Chemical industry

Customers from the chemical industry have similar needs to pharma customers, requiring compliance with similar regulations. Data integrity is an issue, causing customers from the chemical industry to perform more extensive post-delivery checks on their chemicals than they would deem necessary.


  • Heavy machinery

Machine building companies need accountability during transport of their high-value components, requiring traceable data for acceleration (shock) and humidity (storage and transport conditions).


  • Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation

The automotive, aerospace, and aviation industry needs efficient and auditable systems to prove the authenticity of every single component. Constant performance checks of essential parts serve to reduce liabilities in case of accidents.


  • Food sector

Pharma standards and regulations for food safety are closely related, in the United States they are supervised by the same government agency, the FDA. Customers from the food sector are additionally looking into improving their processes, providing traceable data in order to market the origin and the quality of their products.


  • What are the USP/functions of the modum system?

Before shipment occurs, the modum sensor device ID, shipment ID, and alarm criteria are fixed within a shipment-specific smart contract. Upon receipt, this smart contract will allow the receiver to check that regulations have been met. Due to the nature of a smart contract in the blockchain, the evaluation criteria for meeting regulations cannot be changed retroactively.

During the shipment, the change of environmental conditions (i.e. temperature, humidity, movement, etc.), is monitored and the data is stored in the internal flash memory of the sensor device. Using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), the shipment does not need to be opened to verify the shipment has complied with the environmental parameters set. At each change of ownership, data authenticity is first checked by the smart contract before it is evaluating the data. The results of the evaluation are then stored, immutably, as proof-of-existence in a blockchain.


  • Do customers need to install additional hardware?

No, customers do not need to install additional hardware to use the system, downloading our mobile application is sufficient. The modum system is also compatible with every other BLE device.


  • How does generate revenue? will offer its solution in a “pay per shipment” model to pharma producers and wholesaler. During’s extensive proof-of-concept phase, pilot projects with several customers determined that the modum solution delivered the highest value as a service in last-mile logistics of an overall pharma supply chain. In the EU, more than 200 million of these last-mile shipments occur each year.


  • Does have any strategic Partnerships?

Yes, has several partnerships. We are working with the market leader in parcel services in Switzerland, the owner of Europe’s leading mail order pharmacy, two leading pharma wholesaler and the University of Zurich and the University of St. Gallen.

token sale process
  • How will MOD tokens be distributed?

The MOD tokens will be distributed within 30 days after the token sale has closed. The code for the creation of the tokens is open source.


  • How will assign tokens to each individual payment?

We assign every payment by its blocktime to a first-in-first-out list and derive the respective USD value from the exchange value given by Lykke Corp. Then all transactions are allocated to the respective bonus phase and tokens are sent to the wallets created in our token sale application.


  • When are MOD tokens assigned?

The minting of MOD tokens happens within 30 days after the token sale ends.


  • Who can invest?

Due to legal reasons pertaining to local regulations, residents of the following countries are excluded from investing: US, Sudan, Cuba, Syria, North Korea and Iran. Residents from Singapore, Hong Kong and UK are excluded by default, unless they provide evidence to be a Relevant person, an accredited investor or a professional investor respectively. For restrictions on other jurisdictions and further regulatory information, please consult the Terms of Token Sale document.


  • How can I participate in the modum token sale?

You can register to participate in the token sale using our signup form. You will receive all important updates via E-Mail. After September 1st our secure token sale application is open for public use and will guide you through the five simple steps for purchasing MOD tokens. The public token sale will end on September 22 nd.


  • How can I participate in the modum token pre-sale?

The pre-sale phase (before September 1st) is invite only. We strive for a solid and organically grown community around That’s why we have limited the pre-sale to a small group of people who were invited to the pre-sale.

The public token sale starts on September 1st and ends on September 22 nd.

  • Which wallets can be used to store MOD tokens?

Every ERC20-compatible wallet will be able to store MOD tokens (i.e. MyEtherWallet).


  • What happens if the modum token sale is oversubscribed?

Oversubscription of one bonus tier leads to an allocation of these funds to the next bonus tier. In case of oversubscription of the complete token sale, the contribution will be paid back in full.


  • Is there a minimum and maximum investment?

No, every investor is welcome to purchase their desired amount of MOD. However, will only issue full tokens. All investments will be rounded down to the nearest USD.


  • On which exchanges will MOD be listed?

We will update on this progress soon after the token sale. We cannot guarantee a listing of MOD on any specific exchange or any exchange at all, but we will work hard to get our Token listed.


  • Will I be able to confirm that my payment has been received?

All MOD token purchasers will receive an email notification when their payment is confirmed in the blockchain. will provide a link for each investor to check the status of their payment.


  • Will I be able to confirm the number of tokens I will receive? will communicate the final distribution of the modum tokens within 30 days after the token sale closes. We are also working on a service that shows you an estimation beforehand.


  • How has ensured the technical security of the MOD token sale?

The MOD token application is designed and developed using the highest security standards. worked with Lykke, who provided a technical review, and Consecom, who conducted an external security check.


  • How is securing the collection of cryptocurrency from investors and the payment of MOD tokens?

When tokens are properly distributed and confirmed by an official notary, the funds are released and token holders can vote to release the first 0,9 million tokens.

Still have questions? Join us on Slack.


Malik El Bay

Business & Product Development

Sacha Uhlmann

Architecture & Quality Assurance

Dr. Stefan Weber

Sensor Engineering & Operations

Andreas Knecht

Engineer – Sensor Devices & IoT

Dr. Thomas Bocek

Board of Directors

Blockchain & Smart Contract

Marc Heimgartner

Engineer – Blockchain & Web

Ozan Polat

Marketing & Community

Tim Strasser

Engineer – Mobile & Web

Michael Taylor

User Experience & Communication

Simon Dössegger

Strategy & Business Development

*Joining the modum team soon

Sebastian Stephan

Engineer – Blockchain & Web

Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado

Engineer – Backend

Moritz Schneider

Engineer – Web

Michel Schaer

Board of Directors

Owner & Founder, Schaer Pharma

Werner Spörri


Partner, S&K Partners

Marc Degen

Board of Directors

Blockchain Investor

Pascal Degen

Board of Directors

Head of Sterile Packaging, Novartis


Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann

Vice Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, University of St. Gallen

Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

Professor, Communications Systems Group, UZH

Dr. Ing. Heinrich Zetlmayer

Member of the Board, Lykke Corp

Benedikt Schuppli

Legal Counsel, Lykke Corp