Overcoming Challenges in the Digital Supply Chain


Overcoming Challenges in the Digital Supply Chain

Solving Key Challenges in Your Digital Supply Chain

Modum’s solution portfolio addresses the three main challenges in today's supply chain: collecting digital data and monitoring relevant events in physical world, automating business processes across a supply-chain ecosystem, and optimizing the supply chain based on trusted insights and predictions.

From Sensing to Action

How Modum's Solutions Work Together

It starts with MODsense, a powerful solution for acquiring trusted data from your supply chain that also brings this data into your IT system.

MODlink provides secure access of this data to other stakeholders in your supply chain and enables automated processes between them.

MODsight enables the further aggregation of data collected by MODsense or shared via MODlink to provide valuable insights and take process automation to the next level.



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Trusted Sensing and Monitoring

  • A powerful but affordable way to extract valuable supply chain data for business process automation and optimization.
  • An effective and efficient shipment deviation management tool for quality managers to demonstrate, for example, GDP compliance in audits. 
  • Minimizes the handling time of each shipment for all involved stakeholders, from sender to receiver.
  • Automated read-out using BLE, without opening the package upon delivery. 
  • A secure connection from sensor to blockchain enables data authentication and integrity. 
  • Data is permanently available from various locations to fulfil data integrity guidelines. 
  • Integration efforts are simple and can be completed in a step-wise approach that considers existing logistics processes and IT systems.



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Business Automation with Shared Trusted Events

  • Enables the supply-chain ecosystem to easily share trusted events by connecting the independent data silos of supply chain actors without exposing private data. 
  • Easy integration into existing ERP and other IT systems. 
  • Bridges data access gaps between enterprises, allowing automation of business processes for all stakeholders and creating additional business insights.
  • Provides access to blockchain-secured data pools in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • A solution that assures quality, integrity, and efficiency within the supply chain for all involved parties, enabled by blockchain.





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Trusted Insights with Analytics and Predictions

  • Through the use of acquired data, MODsight provides aggregated insights through advanced analytics and predictions.
  • Scenario analysis is used to provide support in understanding the root-cause of trusted events.
  • Predictive models help to improve the value chain, reduce costs, and optimize risk management.
  • Runs on leading cloud platforms to facilitate integration into your IT ecosystem.
Our Expertise

Innovating Using the Latest Technologies


  • Smart sensing for a wide range of environmental conditions.
  • The latest connectivity options enable seamless process integration and notifications.
  • Cryptographically secure hardware ensures data authenticity and that data cannot be manipulated.


  • Monitored data is verified on the blockchain. 
  • Temperature parameters create a unique record to the smart contract for each shipment, it is verified at readout to ensure data authenticity.
  • Storing data sets on the blockchain ensures that they have data integrity throughout their useful life and cannot be altered.


  • Self-learning models replace the manual modelling of shipment scenarios with a large variety of feature sets.
  • Machine-learning methods facilitate high accuracy prediction and pattern recognition.
  • Easily retrainable models adapt to changes in business scenarios.