Powered by Blockchain and IoT


Powered by Blockchain and IoT

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Designed for Healthcare Products

Modum provides an innovative solution for the regulatory-driven issues that supply chains face, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Within global supply chains, future demands will require increased trust between partners, the ability to monitor throughout dynamic routing, easy information sharing, manipulation-proof data with automated readout and process automation within a regulatory framework. MODsense addresses these needs today. 




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Manipulation Proof

With MODsense, data manipulation is not possible because of cryptographically secured loggers. More effective than other serialization efforts, trusted data — stored immutably — means a new level of security for anti-counterfeit initiatives.

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Trusted Data

Modum provides easy, quick, and immediate access to trusted data within supply chains. This data is the basis for insights to your organization, which through analytics and prediction tools can drive process optimization.

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The blockchain ensures secure data and allows it to be easily shared. All stakeholders — including sub-contractors — can access this to improving their operations and identifying themselves, to increase overall transparency.

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GDP Compliance

MODsense supports cGxP ruleset and fulfils cold-chain regulations. All measured events and activities within the supply chain are stored as secure and immutable data, which can be easily formulated into reports for audits.

Use Cases


As temperature-sensitive medicinal products travel to the end user, external conditions, specifically temperatures, can reduce their efficacy and quality. Temperature-controlled packaging can maintain desired temperature ranges. However, in order to fulfil Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulatory requirements, a monitoring solution is required. MODsense works easily with your existing processes to ensure quality and compliance. 

Clinical Trials

As compounds used in treatments and trials become more complex, agencies are improving their monitoring documentation to support stability claims and label parameters. MODsense allows for customized measurement criteria that supports product-specific monitoring and our robust temperature logger can ensure that unique temperature ranges can be recorded. 


According to the World Health Organization, the temperatures that vaccines are exposed to must be monitored, recorded, and reported, from manufacturer's point of origin to the point of vaccination. Upholding quality standards is challenging in the final phases of the supply chain. MODsense is designed for monitoring a high volume of shipments efficiently and effectively. 

Functional Foods

Often categorized as neither a drug nor a dietary supplement, functional foods can be subject to unique reporting requirements and quality concerns. MODsense collects digital data that is verified in the blockchain, allowing manufacturers and distributors the flexibility to record and report but also to analyze. The unique insights gained by using MODsense not only improve your business processes but also quality for the consumer. 

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