Industry Focused + Cutting-Edge


Industry Focused + Cutting-Edge

Benefit from the latest technology

Our expertise in emerging technologies, including Blockchain, IoT, and AI, as been combined with industry experience to develop valuable service offerings for your supply chain.


Sensing + Monitoring Services

Modum offers the next generation of sensing and monitoring services to our clients. Our first solution, MODsense TM, targets the needs of pharma distributors, fulfilling GDP regulatory requirements with secure temperature monitoring.

Step 1

Sending the Shipment

Product-specific temperature ranges are set in advance so that your logistics team can activate the modum sensor using an NFC plate and connect it with the parcel by scanning the shipment ID. In two simple steps the shipment is secure and ready for dispatch. A smart contract containing the sensor’s private key to ensure data authenticity and the pre-defined temperature range to verify compliance has now been created.

Step 2

En Route

While in transit, the modum sensor measures the environmental conditions that the shipment is subject to. Stored locally, this valuable data is secure in the tamper-proof sensor during transit. Because the sensor’s private key generated the smart contract where the data will later be verified, the sensor cannot be substituted or manipulated.

Step 3

Receiving the Shipment

When the package is received, the shipment ID on the parcel can be scanned by the end user or a third-party logistics provider to perform an immediate read-out of the sensor. The sensor uses BLE to connect via the scanning device to a secure back-end, where the data is stored and then verified in the blockchain.

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Events + Actions

  • A secure, sharing solution for real-world supply chain events between  independent data silos that protects underlying sensitive data.
  • Bridges data access gaps between enterprises, allowing automation of business processes for all stakeholders and creating additional business insights.
  • Provides access to blockchain-secured data pools in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • A solution that assures quality, integrity, and efficiency within the supply chain for all involved parties.
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Prediction + Analytics

  • Customized and aggregated analytics insights rooted in real-world evidence and specific data gathered during monitoring processes.
  • Valuable predictive tools for business processes that enable the highest and best use of your data.
  • Leveraging our full industry data insight to provide you with optimal data-driven insights for your specific application.