MODsense is Now Available


MODsense is Now Available

Media Release

November 09, 2018

Modum announces the commercial availability of MODsense, its temperature-monitoring solution for the pharma supply chain developed under collaboration with Swiss Post and SAP. MODsense enables outstanding ease-of-handling, immediate and secure access to data, and simple integration into existing operations.



Challenges in supply chain management can prevent organizations from gaining insight from their supply chain data. Pharma distributors are met with additional challenges, they are obliged to uphold stringent quality standards and comply with regulations. 200 million shipments containing medicinal products are sent within Europe each year. 90% of these are in the “last stage,” sent from distributors to dispensers or users. For distributors, ensuring quality from end-to-end means asking: what is the best way to automate a monitoring process? Can data be collected promptly and securely? How can I minimize efforts to demonstrate regulatory compliance? How can an investment in monitoring improve our operations?

MODsense is an innovative solution that improves supply chain monitoring processes for high volumes of shipments. Designed to meet industry demands and through an intelligent use of the latest technologies, it can improve existing processes by offering several advantages:

  • Ease-of-handling and integration: MODsense minimizes handling time. All stakeholders, from sender to receiver, benefit from a simple monitoring process with easy handling of loggers and data.
  • Immediately available data: Upon readout, data is available globally and ready to be used for multiple purposes. Over its lifetime, the data is stored securely and remains immutable.
  • Automatic validation of pre-configured quality conditions: Quality and regulatory monitoring requirements can be customized; these parameters are automatically validated upon readout and data sets are stored in a secure environment connected to a blockchain backend.
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MODsense is Now Commercially Available:

Modum is excited to announce the commercial availability of MODsense, a complete solution for trusted environmental data acquisition within last-stage logistics.

“I would like to thank all of our collaborators, including Swiss Post, Voigt, Schaer Pharma, Zur Rose, and INNOarchitects for their support and co-innovation. Their valuable insights have helped us to build an outstanding solution and our team's commitment to all of our customers will ensure our successful market launch. 

Our Evaluation Kit, available today, is a fantastic way for new customers to test MODsense in their organization. Whether you are a pharma distributor or have another interesting application, our team is eager to show you what MODsense can do and see its benefits brought to your organization.” 

— Simon Dössegger CEO, AG


“Applying MODsense — and the technology and innovation behind it — to industry needs has resulted in an effective solution built on the robust platforms of our global partners. Working with SAP has allowed us to build MODsense on their cloud platform and use SAP Blockchain services. 

As one of the first blockchain applications available for supply chain logistics, MODsense will change the way goods in transit are monitored and help organizations to see how supply chain data can improve their operations.”

— Marc DegenCo-founder & Member of the Board, AG



MODsense Evaluation Kit

Request your Evaluation Kit:

Today, Modum is making the MODsense Evaluation Kit available for order upon request. It offers a chance to test the full features of the solution without any integration requirements or implications on your operations. It is a chance for interested organizations to see how MODsense will benefit them and allow them to:

  • Set up a shipment monitoring environment in our web app, with full access so that your team can get familiar with the tools. 
  • Activate and readout loggers using a mobile app.
  • Reuse the included MODsense T loggers for up to three months.
  • Generate reports for regulatory compliance audits, internal quality checks, or inspections.

Evaluation kits are available as of November 9, 2018 and will start shipping in December. Our sales team is eager to hear about your interest and needs. For more information about the MODsense Evaluation Kit and to contact our sales team with your request please visit our webpage.

For partnership and business development inquiries please contact us.