Milestone Two Voting Begins July 10


Milestone Two Voting Begins July 10

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July 05, 2018

Milestone 2 Voting Period: July 10 - July 24

The modum team is pleased to announce that voting for Milestone Two begins Tuesday July 10, 2018. Voting opens at 1200 CEST and lasts for two weeks. Each token you hold accounts for one vote. Please refer to the milestone overview in our whitepaper on page 13.

Milestone Two asks, has modum achieved the following three criteria:

1. Has modum ensured the go-to-market of its first product line through the mass production of our dedicated sensor device and the product ecosystem?

2. Has modum integrated two environmental sensors into the hardware platform (temperature and motion)?

3. Has modum integrated two blockchains: IOTA, NEO, Fabric, ETC or Rootstock, in addition to Ethereum?

The purpose of Milestone Two is to determine whether modum has ensured the go-to-market of its first product by completing mass production of the hardware sensor and development of the product ecosystem, including integration of two environmental sensors and two blockchains. This means that our solution has been successfully deployed with select customers and we have ensured go-to-market with a functional product, our hardware includes both temperature and acceleration sensors, and our backend supports both Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric.

A simple majority of positive votes for Milestone Two will release 3,000,000 MOD Tokens to a wallet controlled by modum for distribution to shareholders. In case of a negative voting, the voting process will be reinitiated at earliest 90 days after the end of this voting period on July 24.

Learn More:

To learn more about Milestones read our White Paper.


Important Information concerning your voting rights:

Voting rights will be determined: Tuesday July 10, 12:00 CEST

Voting rights are not transferable. This means, voting power will be allocated to the accounts that hold MOD tokens on Tuesday, 1200 CEST. If you would like to participate in voting, you must transfer your tokens from an exchange to your own ERC-20 compatible wallet before July 10 at 1200 CEST. You cannot increase your voting power by buying more tokens after Tuesday, 1200 CEST.

In pratice this means:

  • If you want to participate in the voting, do not have your tokens on an exchange on Tuesday, 1200 CEST.
  • In order to vote, use your wallet address which holds the tokens on Tuesday, 1200 CEST.
  • You cannot increase your voting power by buying more tokens after Tuesday, 1200 CEST.

How to vote?

We will post additional instructions on how to vote on Tuesday July 10, 1200 CEST. This information will also be sent out via our newsletter and shared via social media.

Is voting mandatory?

While every vote is appreciated, there is no obligation to vote and there are no consequences for you if you do not participate. Refer to the milestone overview in our whitepaper on page 13 for more information.

We would like to thank you all for your participation and ongoing support.