Marc Degen is named a Digital Shaper by Bilanz and digitalswitzerland.


Marc Degen is named a Digital Shaper by Bilanz and digitalswitzerland.

Media Release

September 27, 2018

Zurich, September 27, 2018 – Bilanz and digitalswitzerland have released their annual list of Switzerland’s 100 digital shapers. Modum is proud to announce that our board member and co-founder, Marc Degen, has been nominated for his work.

Bilanz is the leading magazine for business and economics in Switzerland, published bi-weekly by Axel Springer Schweiz. digitalswitzerland is a cross-industry association that was formed to strengthen Switzerland as a digital hub. Each year, these two institutions select the 100 individuals who, through the use of digital technologies, are building upon visions that make Switzerland, and the world, a better place. According to Bilanz: the 100 Digital Shapers are the trailblazers who anticipated trends, foresaw potential, and harnessed technology.

This year, 11 jury members collaborated to determine the nominees, including previous winners and leaders from both institutions such as: Edouard Bugnion (Vice President Information Systems at EPFL Lausanne), Hannes Gassert (founder of WeMakeIt and, Marc Kowalsky (Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bilanz) and Nicholas Bürer (Managing Director of digitalswitzerland). The jury believes that national interest in technology and innovation is high in Switzerland: “As a small country without natural resources, Switzerland has always relied on innovation… Attracting the brightest minds, digital pioneers, data enthusiasts, and visionaries is of the utmost importance.” While the list of digital shapers does celebrate the individual success of each of the 100 nominees it also recognizes their collective effort in driving Switzerland forward as a global leader in all areas of digital innovation.

In their nomination of Marc, the jury recognized Modum’s early success and ambitions as well as Marc’s involvement in establishing several other initiatives: “Since its foundation in 2016, Modum has already gained well-known customers and partners: including SAP, Deloitte, and Swiss Post… [Marc Degen] is also involved in projects such as the consulting firm DLT Invest, which makes investment in Blockchain technology accessible to institutional clients, and the co-working space Trust Square, the world's largest hub for blockchain companies in the heart of Zurich. With Modum, Degen plans to launch three new products on the international market next year: MODsense, MODlink and MODsight. The last of which will use artificial intelligence to suggest the optimal shipping or packaging, enabling further cost savings for Modum’s clients.”

According to Marc: “I’m interested in how something can be made more efficient by using technology. The need for real-world use cases and an interest in solving industry demands drove the project that launched Modum. I think a big factor in Modum’s momentum to date has been our focus on solutions and the intelligent application of technology. Digital innovation is exciting, but it without demand from the market or the social sphere it does not necessarily have an impact. I’m honored to be recognized alongside the leaders of so many great projects that are bringing about exciting change in Switzerland and abroad.”    

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