CEO Update October, 2019


CEO Update October, 2019

CEO Update

October 30, 2019

Last month we talked about the work we are doing on a cross-industry level. This month we want to shed some more light on the upcoming MODday and share some news about how we will make the MODsense solution available to a broader audience, allowing more customers to monitor their temperature sensitive shipments.

This month began with Carl giving a speech at the Zurich and Seoul Blockchained event in Seoul. His speech was all about how blockchain supports end-to-end supply chain transparency and automation for the distribution of sensitive goods. It was not only an exciting opportunity in terms of sharing our views but also to broaden our network. The Asian market is of high interest to Modum and our value proposition is actively sought after, as numerous invitations to share our expertise show. One example is us having been invited to share our expertise on “how blockchain positively impacts the temperature controlled supply chain by increasing transparency in all stages” at this year’s Asia Cold Chain Show in Bangkok at the beginning of December. In this context I would like to highlight the relevance of our strong relationship with the World Health Organization (WHO), the prequalification of our solution and its recent listing in their Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) program. Being associated with an international organization such as the UN strengthens our global relevance and visibility. Read more.

We continue to actively grow our network at different industry events, to name a few, we were present at the Cold Chain Global Forum Boston, attended the IATA Airpharma Conference in Amsterdam, and held a speech at the swissICT Symposium as well as the University of Zurich. For anyone planning to attend the CPhI conference in Frankfurt, make sure to visit our Business Development Team at Booth 121H73 in the ICSE section – set up a meeting with our team today! Check out our website to see all upcoming events.


MODday 2019
The next big thing coming up is our own industry event – we want to use this event to introduce our guests to the leading minds of our ecosystem and more importantly, to show what future-proof solutions we are working on and based on the experience we gathered through discussions with customers where we see the industry going. Our partners will showcase some packaging solutions they are working on – including our hardware. And we will also demonstrate in a playful and intuitive way how our solutions help to overcome various challenges in the supply chain and simplify the life of Quality Managers and Supply Chain responsibles. 

Read more about the keynote speakers and panelists here.


MODsense Off the Shelf
Based on market feedback and due to many requests, we have decided to make one of our technology building blocks available as stand-alone product to everyone in need of an easy monitoring solution for their sensitive goods.

The MODsense solution scope with its IoT sensing device was built to be compliant with highest regulatory requirements, focuses on usability and can be set up without integration efforts. If the goods you are transporting need to be temperature controlled, such as food or other perishable goods, and you want to ensure regulatory compliance through trusted data, order our fuss-free condition-monitoring solution with an intuitive dashboard today and start benefitting from a more transparent supply chain. Stay tuned for the webshop that will go live soon!

The whole Modum team is looking forward to an eventful November and wishes you all the same. Thank you for your ongoing support.

– Simon Dössegger, CEO

30 October 2019