CEO Update, June 2018


CEO Update, June 2018

CEO Update

June 30, 2018

Summer is here in Zurich and we are so happy to have kicked off the season with our first MOD Day. As I mentioned at the end of May, the event was a success for us on every metric and the weeks that have followed have reinforced this: we received tremendous feedback about our product, have been engaged by a number of MOD Day guests about new opportunities, and have continued on an exciting trajectory with our partners.

MOD Talks

As you might have noticed, we are currently producing the “MOD Talks” series featuring excerpts from the presentations at MOD Day. The first video featuring Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann, from the University of St. Gallen, is online now with more to follow.


Moving forward with SAP

The first week of June saw our CTO, Sacha Uhlmann, and modum co-founder, Marc Degen, traveling to Orlando for SAPPHIRE NOW, the annual SAP user conference with more than 15’000 attendees. Marc presented the modum solution alongside Torsten Zube, SAP’s Head of Blockchain, in his keynote where he announced the commercial availability of the SAP Cloud Blockchain solution stack. They demonstrated modum’s solution as it is integrated into the SAP ecosystem, and how this integration can serve a breadth of customers.


Working with Deloitte

Finally, many of you have been asking how exactly we intend to work with Deloitte. Deloitte is a leading, global implementation partner for enterprise IT projects. Deloitte is eager to leverage our solution, which is currently available for demo in their Blockchain showroom. This demo will be used to show their customers a real-world, blockchain powered use case that is on the market and ready to be deployed. Deloitte’s experience and resources will add value during the implementation of our solution within large enterprises.


New projects for new leadership

June has also seen several new team members join us to accelerate our product distribution and business development.

Carlo began as our Head of Operations helping to establish product deployment and distribution, customer service, as well as return, repair, and recycling procedures. His immediate focus will be to get these processes operational and introduce an ERP system so that we can establish scalable operations with our customers. Carlo joins us from Panalpina, where he has held leadership positions in logistics and finance.

Tobias has joined to build out our organization and business partnerships. He will be fundamental in setting up a partner management program for onboarding and managing commercial partners. Tobias has incredible experience as CFO of an e-commerce venture that was eventually acquired by Naspers, he was involved in a rapid scaling of the business to meet market demand in multiple countries.

Carl will join us to head our Analytics & Predictions team. He will explore business cases to further leverage the supply chain data we are collecting and establish a corresponding product portfolio to address those needs. In this initiative, we are already collaborating with Swiss Post to build a predictive tool that suggests optimal packaging for a shipment based on the data previously collected by our temperature loggers. Carl has held leadership positions at PwC and UBS.

I’m very excited to work with these new team members to continue our expansion over the coming months. This growth is well positioned with our product development: we are ready for market launch, allowing us to test the solution at a large scale with select customers, and finally begin the required pharma qualification process.


Milestone Two Voting: July 10

I am very excited to announce that we have met our Milestone Two objectives and will start voting on July 10th. The key measures for Milestone Two were to integrate a second sensor and blockchain and ensure our go-to-market.

We have integrated Hyperledger Fabric as our second blockchain as per our collaboration with SAP. Our first-generation sensor devices are now mass produced with a temperature sensor and an accelerometer. With SAP announcing us at their biggest global customer event, SAPPHIRE NOW, immediately following the go-live announcement of their own blockchain services as well as our collaboration with Swiss Post we have ensured our go-to-market.

Next week we will post a comprehensive assessment and more information about the voting process. I believe that token holder voting is an important part of our milestone progress. Every token holder is a valuable source of feedback. I hope you will all take the time to review our successes to date and vote.  


- Simon Dössegger

June 30, 2018