CEO Update, January 2018


CEO Update, January 2018


CEO Update

January 30, 2018

2018 is off to a great start for Modum and our team hopes the same goes for you! As the year progresses and momentum continues to build, we are so pleased to have such a strong and growing community (10,000 Twitter followers this week!) to share our progress with. In this update, I will provide you with some insights on our growth and how we are finding a good balance between executing projects, building and continuing to make improvements on our product, rigorous annual planning, onboarding new employees, developing new partnerships, and recruiting new talent.

Business Development & Partnerships

  • Trusted IoT Alliance workshop
  • Good progress with all pilot projects
  • Commitments from industry leaders

Our leadership team has been working closely with partners and collaborators to move existing projects forward and close new customers in preparation for our approaching market entry.

Last week, COO Stefan Weber and the IoT team attended the Trusted IoT Alliance’s first European meeting in Berlin to discuss the latest innovations and challenges of IoT and blockchain integration alongside other leading blockchain companies, manufacturers, and telecom providers. Our membership in the Alliance allows us to further our overlapping goals: strengthening the blockchain ecosystem, building new connections within it, and establishing standardization.

Over the past month, we have spent significant time on site with partners as we continue to integrate our solution into their regular operations. I am happy to report that our current pilot projects are all running smoothly and we have gained commitments from new partners to begin additional pilots. These projects have enabled us to open discussions with leaders in all of our targeted sectors. We are now in pilot and integration discussions with top-level committees at major players in ERP, big pharma manufacturers, pre-wholesalers and logistics companies. The team is determined to build Modum’s reputation as a trusted business partner by giving their full commitment to this process. To support our clients who are building their competitive advantage by integrating our solution, we will hold off on announcing partnerships until it benefits our clients.


Product Development

  • Defining test and validation plans
  • Establishing a pharma-grade Quality Management System
  • Sensor production on track

Apart from commissioning and testing the prototypes now available, our development team has spent much of January working on firmware development, optimization, and testing. In addition to the ongoing evaluation of a second blockchain to integrate with our first product, the focus is on the implementation of core features and selected new features, according to the user requirement specifications being finalized.

These user requirements are also crucial input for our quality team who are currently creating test and validation plans. This newly assembled team is making excellent progress deploying our company-wide Quality Management System and integrating it in our development and testing procedures.

Meanwhile, our hardware team is eagerly awaiting the tools necessary for automated inspection and testing of each device during mass production. Their plan is to run a first test for the automated and secure commissioning of the loggers in February.



  • Efficient onboarding of new team members
  • Defining a process-driven organisation
  • Recruiting new key roles

Modum continues to grow at all levels. Our team has already grown by 100% since I joined in October. I am happy to see all of our new team members making an immediate impact, accelerating the work that is doing.

Currently, the entire team is focused on developing as a process-driven organization with well-defined roles that have clear responsibilities. This development is essential for product and business development but also for building and distributing our products and running our organization.

We are still actively working to fill a number of new roles. Leadership positions, such as a CMO, will strengthen our business development and bring valuable industry knowledge, particularly in logistics and pharma, in house. Junior roles will build our capacity to execute and deliver quickly and effectively. Please visit our careers page to see our newly opened positions. If your profile matches any of these roles, we look forward to receiving your application and appreciate everyone sharing these job descriptions with their network.



  • Great feedback from CES
  • SAP Forum March 6
  • Blockchain Summit Belgium March 13

CES 2018 was an exciting way for Modum to start the year. Hosted at the Nordic Semiconductor booth, the Modum temperature logger was well represented in Las Vegas. According to customer tracking done by eyeQ, approximately 1500 people engaged with the Modum sensor display over a few short days.

In Q1, we will continue to present at industry events that focus on modum’s first use case in the pharma supply chain and educating industry leaders on blockchain’s potential. For example, on March 6, we will present at the SAP Forum in Basel to 2400 visitors, 475 companies, and 53 SAP partners. We will also speak at several other events including Blockchain Summit Belgium, BVL Cologne, and Schweizer Aktien in Zurich. We will also be present at The Things Network Conference in Amsterdam, the Temperature Controlled Logistics conference in London and the Embedded World conference in Nuremberg. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


MOD Token

  • New, Up-and-Coming Exchange Listing
  • Exceptional Community Growth

We are continuing to explore new listing options for the benefit of the MOD Token and its holders. This summer, Modum is scheduled to be listed on a brand-new exchange from Singapore called Nebula. We are also currently in discussion with a new Swiss exchange listing. We look forward to releasing more details as the platforms launch.

The entire team is grateful for the energy and engagement from the MOD Token holder community. Each of us enjoys following the lively discussion on our channels and seeing direct feedback from the community. The time you take to promote our project and excite new token holders drives interest in Modum. This week we reached 10,000 followers on twitter and 5,000 on Reddit. We have no doubt that as our following continues to grow, it will contribute to our future commercial success.

As always, our entire team is working incredibly hard toward the next of our milestones. These efforts have made for a great month of January and for great prospects for the rest of the year. Thank you again for your ongoing support, it helps us to keep our momentum going strong.

–Simon Dössegger, CEO

January 30, 2017


(Photo Description: Sample casings of the modum temperature logger. Design and specifications subject to change.)