CEO Update, February 2018


CEO Update, February 2018


CEO Update

February 28, 2018

After a short but intense February, and only three weeks after I last wrote about our progress, the update this month will be a succinct overview of our most recent and steady progress. We are as focused as ever on growing our team effectively, serving our clients, and building a product that sets a solid baseline for our impact on supply-chain logistics in the future.


  • Kicked-off integration with SAP
  • New phase of pilot with major client

This month, we are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with SAP for a Co-Innovation Lab. SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. The Co-Innovation Lab will allow us to integrate our solution into customers' existing enterprise application stacks and make use of the SAP HANA Cloud platform, for scalability and easy adoption of our temperature monitoring solution.

Following approvals and new funding from the executive team of a major client, we will move into the second phase of our joint go-to-market activities. This progress indicates a significant step forward in the partnership. After the first phase of the project is formally closed, we and our client will announce the partnership with more details about the scope of our collaboration.


  •  Integrating our solution with the track and trace system of a major client
  • Successful validation of production steps

We continue to make steady technical progress. The integration with a major client’s existing track-and-trace system and deployment to the mobile scanning handheld device is taking shape and will soon be ready for testing.

With regard to the mass-production of our first sensor batch, we have successfully tested the injection molding process for the casing (shown in the image above). Furthermore, we successfully tested the ultrasonic welding process to create a water-tight logger casing. This technique uses high-frequency, ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to create a solid-state weld, which cannot be easily re-sealed once broken, improving tamper resistance.


  • Thomas joins the team as Project Manager
  • Building a new data analytics team

This month, Thomas joins the Modum team as our first dedicated project manager. Previously, he held a management role at GoPro, overseeing a team of engineers and leading technical projects. Thomas earned a PhD in electrical engineering and has extensive experience working as a development engineer and project manager. His experience ranges from building medical devices to manufacturing test devices for consumer electronics. He will be a great help in coordinating Modum’s product development, increasing planning quality and de-risking project schedules.

In the coming months, Modum will begin building a data analytics and machine learning team to add value for our customers by leveraging the insights we generate from our monitoring sensors.


  • SAP Forum, Basel
  • Presenting to the Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers, Bonn
  • ETH Postgraduate course “CAS Pharmaceuticals”, Zurich
  • Blockchain on Stage: Future of Life Sciences, Graz
  • Deloitte and CEIBS event, Zurich

To learn more about all our events in March, please read our regular blog posts outlining where to find us. As always, we are adding opportunities for the team to present Modum and its use case to new audiences. Next week we will attend the SAP forum in Basel to present our solution to the Swiss SAP community. In May, we are invited to present to the Federal Association of German Postal Service Providers and in April we will speak at ETH Zurich in the Center for Advanced Studies in Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, you can find us at “Blockchain on Stage: Future of Life Sciences” in Graz this month and next month we are working with Deloitte and CEIBS on an event in Zurich.

MOD Token

  • MOD Day takes shape
  • Planning token milestone two voting

 We are in the midst of preparing for MOD Day and are eager to hold a great event. We will announce the date and program soon.

We have already seen a lot of interest in our second token milestone vote. As outlined in Modum’s whitepaper, Milestone Two voting can occur “earliest Q1/2018”. Thanks to the progress made and planning done over the last months, modum has gained a clearer view of our path to market entry.

One of Modum’s core strategies is to bring our first product to market quickly, in close collaboration with a few key customers, to develop a thorough understanding of the market. To do this effectively though, we must prioritize building a strong team and developing a viable, high-quality product. It is important to us that when we open voting, our progress and situation speak for themselves. To this end, we are planning our voting based on tangible criteria. Stay tuned for more updates about timing.

Looking back on the first two months of 2018, Modum’s transformation is incredibly exciting. Our new team members’ efforts have noticeably accelerated our work. The combination of our people, our results, collaboration with our clients, and the support of our token holders, has set Modum on a great track to deploy our new hardware soon and commercially launch our first solution later this year.


– Simon Dössegger, CEO

February 28, 2018