CEO Update, December 2018


CEO Update, December 2018

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CEO Update

December 30, 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, I would like to use this update to reflect on the terrific year that Modum has had. Our company has experienced considerable growth, both structurally and in experience, over the course of 2018 as we have moved from product testing to having a live solution on the market. We developed and learned very quickly, and I want to emphasize how proud and impressed I am by the dedication of our team to find solutions to any problem we have encountered.

Accomplishments in 2018

2018 has seen some memorable accomplishments: from MOD Day, to the commercial launch of MODsense, to winning the Digital Innovation of the Year award, and we feel that we have succeeded in our goals for the year.

In terms of our business, we are very excited to have announced two major partnerships this year. We made public our cooperation with Swiss Post in April, and our joint work to develop a unique, new monitoring offering. This solution won the 2018 PostEurop Innovation prize in October. We also announced our partnership with SAP this year and have participated in a large number of events with them, from the launch of their blockchain platform at SAPPHIRE in Orlando in June to the their recent #OutsideTheBlock event in Berlin. We have also presented MODsense, alongside SAP, to their big pharma customers in Switzerland to further accelerate our business development.

From the organizational perspective, 2018 has seen incredible growth for our team. We started the year with a move into a new, and much larger, office in Technopark. Since, we have doubled our space as the team has expanded. Our team has diversified significantly since we began in 2016 with a group of passionate engineers and developers. This year we have built new capacities in finance, administration, business development, marketing, IT, and predictions and analytics. We also invested significantly into establishing a proper quality management system and I am proud to announce that Modum has achieved the ISO 9001 certification. ISO 9001 is a widespread industry standard, which will help us to meet our high-quality standards and continuously improve our service delivery to our customers in the pharmaceutical market.

In order to achieve strong commercial growth with MODsense in 2019 while commercializing other exciting products, Modum has reorganized itself along three dimensions: Market, Product, and Operations, each team led by the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Chief Product Officer (CPO), and Chief Operations Officer (COO), respectively.

Carl Spörri, currently leading the Analytics and Prediction product team, will act as CCO (Chief Commercial Officer), ensuring sustained customer relationships and driving Modum’s commercial growth. Carl holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from ETH Zurich. He has held senior positions at PwC and UBS that included customer relationship and sales responsibility. In addition, Carl has a deep understanding of implementing change in global organisations and extensive experience in building and leading large cross-functional teams. From Carl Spörri:

“I look forward to this invigorating new challenge to contribute to Modum’s continued path to success. Together with the team, I aim to bring Modum’s potential to life in the market and drive sustainable revenue growth for us in 2019 and beyond.”

Sacha Uhlmann, currently CTO, will take on the new and broader role of CPO (Chief Product Officer) to drive solution development and the continuous improvement of existing solutions.

Dr. Stefan Weber, our current COO, has decided to leave the company to pursue new professional challenges. Stefan has been a driving force in our first two years, pushing MODsense from concept to prototype to product. Tobias Peltenburg, currently in charge of business operations, will be taking over Stefan’s responsibilities and supporting product service and internal operations. Tobias has a degree in Business Administration from the HWZ and holds a certificate in strategy from INSEAD. He has held several senior positions in previous roles, including CFO at the successful E-Commerce business Fashion Days, a Managing Director role at the business consultancy company Inplenion, and a principal position at Oracle.

From Stefan Weber:

“My thanks go to the whole Modum team for their dedication and hard work over the last two years. I am constantly impressed by the speed of Modum’s progress and how challenges at every stage have been met with professionalism, optimism and pragmatism. A big thank you to all early and ongoing partners who share our vision and belief in our product. With Tobias and Sacha continuing what we started, I am confident that Modum will be successful in the years to come.”

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank Stefan for his valuable contribution and commitment to Modum. His efforts have been vital for where we stand today as a company and he will continue to be close advisor and ambassador. We wish him all the best for his future professional endeavours.

Reorganizing teams is a crucial step to ensure a well-structured and coordinated go-to-market. I am excited to work with Carl, Sacha and Tobias in their new roles and very confident that the positives effect of our new setup will be clearly visible to our external and internal stakeholders from day one. We are looking forward to tackling our 2019 goals joining our forces. We will keep actively growing, and we are excited to have posted several new positions on our careers page just before the holidays. Please share within your networks with any colleagues that match our profiles!


Outlook for 2019

The determination of our team has ensured that from a product and organizational perspective we are ready to push MODsense into the market and engage all of the interested parties that have contacted us throughout 2018. Our successful pilot projects have been incredibly valuable, giving us the confidence to work with new customers on implementation projects.

In 2019 we will increase direct marketing activities including conferences and industry events. We will kick things off with Temperature Controlled Logistics in London on January 28th and LogiPharma in Montreux in April.

As we go operational, we will focus on service delivery and improving MODsense features in quick-learning cycles that allow us to adapt the solution to customer needs. Through our pilot projects we have learned that the product ecosystem, specifically the integration of MODsense with adjacent IT systems and processes is key. We will focus on integration in 2019 as we work with new customers who each have different ERP or global track-and-trace software in place, for example.

In addition to adapting MODsense to customer feedback, we will also guide the ongoing development of our second generation of products under the insights gained from our first customers. We have already received fantastic feedback on MODlink and MODsight. So, we are eager to leverage MODsense as a unique enabler that helps us position new services, allows us to scale up our solution offering to include MODlink and MODsight, and tackle new, international projects with the help of our global partner network.


To conclude, this year was a success in that Modum is now in a great position to sell a solid product with promising first applications in the market. We have also proven feasibility and a product-market fit for MODsense. Next year will even more exciting, we will establish our capability to operate and grow MODsense on an international scale to demonstrate the scalability of MODsense. We will also prove the value that we can add to enterprise organizations by offering our full solution ecosystem: MODsense, MODlink, and MODsight.

The transformation our organization has experienced this year is unbelievable. On behalf of the entire team, we are all looking forward for Modum to start 2019 as a small, effective enterprise. Thanks again to everyone who has supported us along our way and continues to do so. I wish all of you a great start to a happy, successful new year.

— Simon Dössegger

December 2018