CEO Update, August 2018


CEO Update, August 2018

CEO Update

August 31, 2018

August is over and the summer is coming to an end. Even though the weather is cooling off outside, things are heating up in here as we push forward in our go-to-market process. This month, my regular update is actually more of a forecast, outlining the next steps we are taking towards commercial availability. Over the next three months, I would like to shed some light on three key initiatives that specific members of our team will be taking on: the experience of our first product, product marketing, and service operations. I intend to take you through these initiatives sequentially in the months of September, October, and November, in order to bring clarity to our overall process by focusing on each initiative in order.

This month, of course, is more than a teaser of what is to come. Below, I will explain where we currently stand, what these three initiatives mean to us, how each supports our operational goals and serve our customers on a daily basis, and what we will explain in the months to come.

In September, we will talk about product marketing

Product marketing starts with the collateral and materials necessary to explain our solution, but also includes the events that allow us to share our product with industry audiences, partner activities that help us to leverage their capabilities, and of course PR and communications that will help to publicize our solution and educate a larger market on what it can do.

In the past two months, we have completed the first of many important marketing projects. We have created the first product video explaining how MODsense works; we have developed an entirely new version of a product related pitch deck (and received very positive feedback after presenting interested parties); we have updated our branding and corporate identity; and we have released the MODsense spec sheet. In addition, we have lined up an international events calendar for the rest of the year and beyond. The first few conferences can now be seen on our events page.

You might have already noticed some of these changes, particularly online and on our social media channels. And hopefully you’ve seen some new PR exposure, including Modum’s case study in Stanford’s report on Blockchain for Social Impact. As our messaging becomes increasingly customer focused, we look forward to your ongoing support. Sharing and liking our updates, regardless of the platform, helps to generate awareness for Modum across audiences. Next month, I look forward to diving deeper into our marketing efforts and offer a first glimpse at some of our completed projects.


In October, we will show you our solution experience

Our solution experience has been carefully developed since our pilot projects in 2016, when our first customers told us how they would like to work with the data that our solution generates. We have since developed our web app as a core component of MODsense and are currently refining it for product launch. The UX of our web app is a big part of our customer experience, but user documentation, implementation guidelines, shipment reports, and manufacturer validation certificates are also important touch points with our product.

In the past few weeks we have made major progress on the implementation of our mobile and web applications. Step-by-step we are reaching the product qualification milestones we need for product launch. Additionally, we have begun working on the user documentation. Although these documents aren’t the most central components of our product, they are essential for meeting the requirements of quality and safety regulations and enabling efficient training processes so that our solution can be deployed at customer sites.

In October, I am eager to release more visuals from our web app and explain some of the challenges we’ve had and trade-offs we’ve made throughout the design process. Seeing more of our product and understanding how many resources and man hours go into its design and documentation should help everyone to understand how much progress we have made and help interested parties get a first look at what we have built.  


In November, we will talk about our service operations

Making our product available to customers at scale requires service operations that are high functioning and efficient. As our products consists of hardware, firmware and software components, this means setting up warehousing, organizing customer support, planning the product deployment process for sensor and different software components, as well as setting up and maintaining productive IT systems that reliably fulfill service level agreements.

Progress in this regard is good, we are finalizing the design of our business support system in alignment with our customers and making steady progress with its implementation, starting user acceptance tests soon.

In November, by outlining our service operations, I will explain some of the challenges inherent in bringing a new solution to users and how these often behind-the-scenes factors can affect the success of our product.


I am very excited to share more insights and most importantly the results of our go-to-market process with all stakeholders over the next few months. It has been very rewarding for the whole team to see their efforts yield results and to learn from the ongoing customer feedback.

If this update can serve as evidence of the multivalent organization that Modum is becoming, I think the next three updates will help to make the positive trajectory we are on tangible and understandable, illustrating a process that is being executed in concerted effort by our diverse and talented team.


All the best for the last few weeks of summer,


- Simon Dössegger

August 31, 2018