CEO Update, April 2018


CEO Update, April 2018


CEO Update

April 30, 2018

Another very busy month has passed; in April, our team has once again put more than a man-year of effort into the testing and refinement of our product. Thanks to this hard work, April was an exciting month with both big announcements and big steps forward for the team and our product.

Announcement of Swiss Post collaboration

The announcement of our collaboration with Swiss Post to deliver an industry-leading, temperature-monitoring solution was the long-awaited highlight of the month, for the team as much as for our tokenholders. We have been eager to announce this cooperation because it is evidence of our progress with product development and validates our current, heads-down focus on product.

Now that the cooperation is public, I am glad to be able to congratulate our team on all their hard work so far and thank Swiss Post for being such a great, reliable partner. We appreciate the positive feedback over social media and continued press coverage from across the world. Additionally, the announcement gives context to our current activities: it explains that our entire team is working very hard to facilitate market adoption and ensure the economic viability of our product in a few selected industry applications, such as the one with Swiss Post, while lining up a network of partners that will help us to distribute these solutions in the market.

What this means for our product

Cooperating with Swiss Post allows Modum’s solution to not only integrate into their track-and-trace solution, which is necessary to offer our solution to Swiss Post customers, it also enables us to understand the touchpoints between our solution and all other stakeholders from sender to end user.

Our monitoring solution reaches its full potential when it is integrated into the logistics processes of both the sender and the logistics provider, who performs the read-out of the temperature logger before hand-over to the final recipient.  In the case of Swiss Post, who are a last mile logistics provider and ship all types of parcels to both businesses and consumers, the high volume of parcels and the large number of recipients create challenges for reliably monitoring shipments.

In order to ensure reliability, immediacy, and control in such a setting, Modum’s products must be carefully integrated, having minimal impact on the workflows of the sender’s quality control team (who need to effortlessly monitor thousands of shipments), the packaging professionals in the sender’s warehouses, and the delivery professionals at Swiss Post.

Understanding the touchpoints between all of these stakeholders and our product is crucial. By leveraging the insight we have gained through our ongoing pilot projects, in particular Swiss Post, we are refining the initial concepts and requirements for our software experience with UX and UI experts to deliver an even better experience and a more efficient solution.

What this means for our organization

Expectedly, the potential of this collaboration will also have a big impact on our organization, and preparations have been ongoing for the past several months.

Our product development team is working full steam ahead towards product launch. This process must be incredibly thorough to fulfill the needs of the pharma industry and we are intensely working towards a final product that meets all applicable regulatory requirements and, of course, exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Alongside this, our team continues to ramp up in order to meet new demands.  We have been recruiting over the past several months and finally a second wave of onboarding will begin. New team members will bring an impressive breadth of experience to the company, increasing our capacity in the areas of IT systems, testing, business operations, business development, and analytics.

Of course, alongside these activities, our team will continue to participate at selected events and conferences to continue to promote our value proposition. In the next few weeks, our COO, Stefan, will host a panel at the Global Cyber Security in Healthcare and Pharma Summit in London and our Marketing Director, Mike, will present our use case at Crypto World Zug. Personally, I will give a talk at the SAP Public Services Forum in Bern and of course at MOD Day, which will be great event to share all of our recent progress with a public community including an outlook of what is coming.

See it all at MOD Day

We are eagerly preparing for MOD Day and are excited to be bringing partners from the ecosystem we are building together to share ideas and insights. MOD Day is an exceptional opportunity to present the company’s current state and outlook alongside insights from leaders in the many sectors that Modum touches.

Invited speakers will present and discuss the challenges in supply chain monitoring and include: Zaki Manian, Managing Director of the Trusted IoT Alliance; Edwin Kalischnig, Secretary General of the Cool Chain Association; Prof. Dr. Erik Hofmann, Director of the Institute of Supply Chain Management at the University of St. Gallen; Dr. Mojmir Vavrecka, President of MV Life Sciences Consulting; and Thomas Wälchli, Head of Business Development & Industry Solutions at Swiss Post. After the presentations, we look forward to meeting everyone, showcasing parts of our product, and offering you a chance to talk to Modum team members.

The event will take place on May 24th at Lake Side Restaurant in Zurich. To RSVP please visit our Meetup page, where we have shared the full agenda.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you there.


– Simon Dössegger, CEO

April 30, 2018