| Moving the modum hardware forward
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Moving the modum hardware forward

Moving the modum hardware forward

This month has taken significant steps to moving its hardware toward production. With the help of our partner Variosystems, our IoT and hardware engineers have resolved the specification requirements of the modum sensor devices and resolved a design for ease of use, durability, security, and of course aesthetics!

The modum sensor devices will come in a variety of colours, as requested by our pilot customer test groups. The wide range of colour options will support coordination between our client’s quality assurance and logistics teams.

The hardware specifications will be well positioned within industry standards, providing a rich feature set with the highest security standards.

Last week, IoT engineer at modum Andreas Knecht presented modum’s hardware to a full house at the second meeting of Cryptohardware Zurich. modum helped to found this group with F10 accelerator and Shift Devices. Here we generated valuable community discussion on blockchain connected devices and had our first opportunity to show of the modum sensor device design. (see image above)