| wins Kickstart Accelerator Future & Emerging Technology Vertical
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After 11 weeks of working within Kickstart Accelerator, has been announced as the winner of the Future and Emerging Technology vertical. Runners up include the exciting companies: Entocube and Biowatch. The other verticals are in the areas of FinTech, Food, and Smart and Connected Machines.

Overall, participating in the Kickstart Accelerator was an invaluable experience. Our team was able to present at events on a weekly basis. Working together with our mentor Cristina Riesen helped us to develop our business and product and grow collectively. Cristina pushed us to utilize all of the resources provided, so our team met with at least two mentors or industry experts every week.

EWZ Selnau had an incredible atmosphere with 30 international start-ups working hard to meet their business goals and make a global impact. While we worked closely with the other teams in our Future and Emerging Technologies Vertical, we were also able to meet many interesting and inspiring entrepreneurs working in other arenas.

We continue to extend our gratitude to the Kickstart team for their support: providing community dinners and feedback sessions; introducing us to corporate ventures in our industry; taking us on fun excursions during stressful periods and regularly offering us chocolate.

Needless to say, this is a valuable win for, validating the quality of our business plan and enabling our team access exceptional resources through the program on an ongoing basis. The opportunity to simply participate was worth the incredible effort that our team put into this endeavor. We highly recommend the Kickstart Accelerator program to any entrepreneurs building the next big thing!

As some extra good news this week, has also qualified to the second stage of Venture Kick. will receive another CHF 20,000 for business development and is now being evaluated in the 3rd round, where the founders will invest CHF 100,000 to successful start-ups.