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Since the beginning of October, has seen some of its most exciting weeks to date. The team is eager share our progress while we ride this momentum into the new year. So, this post will mark my first entry in modum’s periodic and ongoing CEO update to all of our stakeholders.

In these updates, I will share our progress with business, product, and organizational development and insights on future milestones and key priorities. These updates will support our mission to be a trustworthy partner and our commitment to generate long-term value for all stakeholders. We will never compromise this commitment by making announcements for short-term interests or headlines.


The MOD Token Sale

  • 98% vote yes for milestone 1.
  • 900,000 tokens released, for token sale helper and advisor reward.
  • All hands-on-deck to build our product and meet milestone 2.

Our first milestone voting was a great success. A resounding 98% of votes were positive. I hope you will join me in congratulating the team and all of their helpers and advisors for achieving an outstanding and professionally executed token sale. A great deal of modum’s resources went into ensuring that the token sale was completed on time, without any technical glitches or security breaches. The amount of positive feedback that we have seen from the community lets us know that it was worth the effort.

With the positive voting for milestone 1, the first 900,000 tokens have been released and are now distributed to all of our helpers, advisors, and bounty program participants. We are now able to refocus our efforts on the delivery of our product in order to meet the fast-approaching second milestone.


Business Development & Partnerships

  • Developing an integrated and qualified solution with a major Swiss logistics provider.
  • Building a supply chain consortium, offering full solutions to our customers.

A great portion of my time since joining in October, has been spent engaging pharma manufacturers and regional and international logistics providers. Subsequently, we are in discussions with several,  key clients and preparing onboarding projects. More immediately, we are happy to report that we have initiated the integration of our product into the high-volume processes of a major, Swiss last-mile logistics provider while working out business agreements. We are also wrapping up the onboarding of a second strategic customer, ready to enter the market in Q1 2018. These efforts are happening under non-disclosure agreements and we are eager to announce more when it makes sense strategically for all involved parties.

Attention from our token sale has accelerated the development of partnerships with parties in the supply-chain ecosystem, such as ERP system providers and notified bodies. We are excited to have generated interest within several industries. Currently, we are carefully qualifying potential partners for pilots in pharma-adjacent applications.


Product Development

  • EMC Certification of the MOD Sensor in progress.
  • Mass production of sensors on track for Q1 2018.
  • Executing on our technology roadmap via Swiss CTI project.

The development of our shipment monitoring hardware is making significant progress. The first samples passed initial EMC certification tests earlier this month. Production of the first small batch has been completed our partner Variosystems, these sensors will be ready for deployment in new customer pilots before the end of 2017.

Alongside initial certifications, the team is setting up the serial production process, including injection-molding tools for the housings. We are on track to receive these devices before the end of Q1 2018. We are also working with the core teams of leading distributed ledger solutions to evaluate additional blockchain backends that will support our mission of blockchain agnosticism, aligning with the objectives of milestone 2.

In addition, the modum team has begun to lay out its technology roadmap to deliver on milestones 3 and 4. To this end, we are positioning ourselves in industry-leading alliances and setting up research partnerships. For example, in October was successful in receiving a government-funded research grant under the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation. This project will provide a strong basis for our ongoing research with the University of Zurich. We will continue to update you on the project as it progresses in 2018.



  • Bruno Scheier joins the team as Head of Quality.
  • Establishing a pharma-compliant quality management system.
  • Recruiting several additional key team members for Q1 2018.
  • A new office to keep up with growth.

Amidst the excitement of the token sale and our ongoing business development, a key focus has been to strengthen our team and establish an organization that can deliver a pharma-grade solution. In our first step towards this goal, we are excited to announce that Dr. Bruno Scheier has joined as Head of Quality. His background in pharma and regulatory affairs, as well as his experience in qualifying temperature-logging devices will be a great asset for and our customers. Bruno will own modum’s quality management system, currently being developed.

As we continue to grow through the new year, will continue its intensive recruitment efforts to build out our engineering team.  We appreciate our community’s support with this by sharing job postings within your network and pointing personal contacts in our direction if their profiles match our job descriptions. In anticipation of this growth, we will move into our new office in Zurich over the holidays, making room for new team members and creating an inspiring space for collaborators and clients to visit and experience modum’s technology!

At this point, on behalf of the team, I would like to thank all MOD Token holders and shareholders again for your ongoing engagement and support.



  • Sponsoring, hosting, teaching, and learning.
  • Kicking off 2018 with CES Las Vegas and MOD Day.

In the past several weeks has hosted, sponsored, and attended meetups, conferences, and events, including Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley, Blockchain Summit London, German Logistics Congress Berlin, Swiss Innovation Forum, Paris Region Entreprises, Accenture’s Customer Innovation Network, and the European Intellectual Property Office’s (EUIPO) “Blockchain and Intellectual Property” conference in Spain.

In 2018, we will remain committed to sharing modum’s technology and telling our story around the world at exciting and high-profile conferences and events. To kick off the new year we will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For those closer to home, we are planning to host our very own event in Zurich in Q1 next year: MOD Day 2018. We will invite partners, collaborators, and token holders to get to know the team and see what we do first hand. We will keep you posted!


As you can see, the entire modum team is working hard to keep the project moving forward at an exceptional pace. Before the end of the year, my personal top priorities are to establish clear company goals for 2018, create a well-vetted resource plan with our board of directors, and move the team to a new, well-deserved office. I am looking forward to providing you with new updates in the new year.

— Simon Dössegger, CEO
November 30, 2017