| MOD Token Sale: Over 4150 Participants!
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MOD Token Sale: Over 4150 Participants!

MOD Token Sale: Over 4150 Participants!

The MOD Token sale closed on Friday, September 22nd, almost entirely sold out. The modum team is thrilled with the community support and we want to continue to extend our appreciation to our newly formed community of token holders.


The MOD Token sale spanned three weeks this month. It has been a wild ride for all of use here at modum and we are excited to share some of the outcomes with you.

Overall, more than 4150 people participated in the token sale, raising approximately USD 13.5M (calculated by exchange rate at time of investment) through over 5200 transactions. The largest purchase was for 529,000 tokens and several participants tied for the smallest purchase of a single token!

We are very proud to have had so many people involved in the MOD Token sale. After getting to know so many of you via Slack and with less than 10 participants contributing more than USD 200,000, we feel confident that the MOD community is made up of engaged, crypto enthusiasts and fellow blockchain pioneers, who are eager to be involved in a market-driven application of this technology.

We are thrilled to be part of such a community and look forward to keeping you involved in our growth and success. The MOD newsletter will continue at a weekly basis and we will continue to manage our slack and social media regularly. Please stay in touch through the minting and distribution process which will happen by October 22.