| Milestone 1 Voting: November 3rd – November 17th
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Milestone 1 Voting: November 3rd – November 17th

Milestone 1 Voting: November 3rd – November 17th

Milestone 1 Voting Period: November 3rd – November 17th

The modum team is pleased to announce that voting for Milestone 1 is now open. Voting period lasts for two weeks. Each token you hold accounts for one vote.  Please refer to the milestone overview in our whitepaper on page 13.

Voting question: “Did a proper minting and token distribution process occur?”

The purpose of Milestone 1 is to determine whether the MOD Tokens were minted and distributed properly. This means that the correct number of tokens was transferred to the account you specified during the token sale process.  A positive vote, i.e. a simple majority of positive votes, for milestone 1 will release 900,000 MOD Tokens, which will be used to compensate our advisors, including Lykke Corp., our technical and community supporters, as well as to fund the bug bounty program.

In case of a negative voting, the process can be reinitiated earliest 90 days after the end of this voting period.

MOD Token facts:

  • The tokens were minted on October 21, 2017.
  • The deadline for minting was October 22, 2017.


Please note that you will need a minimum Ether balance in your wallet to complete the voting transaction. You should have a small amount of Ether, approximately 0.01 ETH, to complete the voting transaction.

The easiest way to vote, for those whose tokens are held in MyEtherWallet, is to use the contract function in MyEtherWallet as follows:

1. Go to and click “Contracts” in the top menu and select “Modum Token” from the list of existing contracts

2. Click “Access”

3. (optional) Select “currentProposal” to see more information about the current vote

4. (optional) Select “showVotes” to check your voting power in MOD

Enter your token wallet address and click “Read”.

5. Select “Vote” from dropdown to place your vote

Select “True” to vote yes
Select “False” to vote no.


6. Select Keystore / JSON File

Select your JSON file and unlock it with your password.

6. Click “Write”


  • Amount to send: 0
  • Gas limit: 300’000

7. Click “Generate transaction” and then, “Yes, I am sure! Make a transaction.”


If you are using Metamask, Mist or Parity, you can use our DApp on


Thank you for your vote and your support!