| Meet Thilo, modum’s Community Manager
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Meet Thilo, modum’s Community Manager

Meet Thilo, modum’s Community Manager

In this month’s team member profile, modum is excited to introduce Thilo, the voice of modum on social media and community forums. Most of you already know of Thilo, he has been answering your questions directly, updating you on Reddit, and making announcements on Slack. But, since he is modum’s interface with our community, we thought it important to tell you a little bit about him!

Originally from Germany, Thilo’s home is in Canton Fribourg, but he has grown up globally and as a result speaks four languages: German, French, English, and Spanish (next in line is Mandarin), making him the perfect community manager for modum’s international audience!

He spent a year in Melbourne during his high school studies. Before beginning university, he spent an entire summer working for an appliance manufacturer in Addis Ababa. Here, he learned about production and supply chain logistics while helping to improve operations and build internal efficiencies. While completing his bachelor degree at the University of St. Gallen, Thilo also spent a semester studying in Spanish at a university in Lima.

Thilo has finished the requisite course work for his bachelor in business administation and is currently completing his bachelor thesis with the Chair of Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen. He Joined modum in the summer of 2017 to work on the MOD Token sale. We asked Thilo to tell us how he found himself at modum and how his love of crypto began:

Thilo, you are in a minority here at modum. You are one of two or three team members that don’t come from a technical, software engineering background. Yet, you are our resident crypto expert. How did you first get into crypto?

Well, it’s a common story, nothing particularly unique: a friend told me about bitcoin and I started reading more and more. This was in 2016 before the really big hype.  I started buying cryptocurrency later that year and doubled my first investment in two weeks. At the same time, I took a seminar on the technological future of banking. This course really got me interested in the broader implications of the technology and led to more research on disruptive technologies and trading and finance courses.

Was it your love of the crypto markets that led you to modum? How did you learn about the company?

A University of St. Gallen alumni on modum’s marketing team posted in the student facebook group. His post suggested that an interested student could complete their bachelor thesis with a blockchain start-up under the Logistics Management Chair. Having just completed relevant research papers and coursework, I thought this was a good trajectory for my studies.  I immediately contacted the Chair and he agreed that I was a good candidate to take on such a project. Once things had been approved by the university, I contacted modum and they asked me to start working that week!

It’s less common to find an internship in a tech start-up when you have a business administration background, compared with students with an engineering background. What made this opportunity special to you, as your peers went off to work for banks and larger corporate operations?

It will be rare in anyone’s career, regardless of their background, to have worked on a token sale. The chance to join an ICO project team was simply too incredible an opportunity to pass up. To contribute to community building around such a solid project was really worthwhile. Aside from being immersed in the technology and token sale process I have also learned a lot about start-up operations from a really diverse team. The MOD community has also taught me a lot about the crypto eco system. Our token holders are real enthusiasts with their fingers on the pulse. Reading our forums regularly has really broadened my perspective.

So, the experience has been worthwhile for your thesis? Will your research directly support modum’s project?

Yes, definitely! The experience has been invaluable. But my thesis won’t help modum so much as it will help the next modum! My research will culminate in a two-part document: first, a primer outlining blockchain basics for business and providing an overview of the current market for token sales. The second part will be a teaching case about modum, providing a working example of how to strategically align a crypto fundraising initiative with a start-up’s business plan and growth outlook. I like to think that my thesis will be my way of helping modum to be a “blockchain enabler” at the academic level.