| Meet Engineer: Sebastian
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Meet Engineer: Sebastian

Meet Engineer: Sebastian

We at modum are happy for our community to get to know us. We have grown a lot since starting in early 2016, winning Kickstart Accelerator as a team of just four.

This week we would like to introduce you to one of our newest blockchain engineers Sebastian Stephan, who joined modum earlier this year.

Seebi hails from Kaiserslautern, Germany and has lived all over Switzerland. After studying economics at the University of Zurich he switched to software engineering for his master’s degree, studying under the Communication Systems Group at University of Zurich. His master’s thesis researched transaction fee reduction methods in the bitcoin network. For this project he worked with Dr. Thomas Bocek, board member at and head of P2P and distributed systems at the CSG.

His career so far has spanned economics and software engineering, working at Credit Suisse and the Zurich School of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), as a research assistant doing software development.

Since starting at, Seebi has been dedicated to the ITO, developing the backend architecture and the system supporting the token sale. He is currently responsible for the highest pressure project in the office: the MOD Token estimator! Seebi is a perfectionist, so he ensures us it will be worth the wait.

Since Seebi is the first team member to be profiled for our blog, we decided to ask him a few tough questions:

Seebi, Zurich is a hotbed of major tech players. You are an exceptional young engineer. Why did you choose to devote your talents to modum?

I love the start-up atmosphere you can’t beat it! modum has a small, talented team with very diverse backgrounds, but everyone is really focused on a common goal. It’s great to be able to contribute to that by bringing my own skills to the table.

You wrote your master’s thesis on transaction fee reduction in the bitcoin network, so you have a background in exploring blockchain innovations. What about modum’s system gets you excited?

The modum system is really a perfect mix of my interests: IoT and blockchain technologies. To work on this combination of emerging technologies is a rare opportunity for an engineer at the beginning of their career.

Innovations in blockchain are happening all over the place, but modum’s service is very applied and market-driven. I have done a lot of research throughout my studies, so I am really excited to contribute to a real-world application, getting my hands dirty with customers and end users. It is exciting to see the work come to life in our client’s processes and know that I contributed to a solution from start to finish.

What are you eager to do more of?

 I can’t wait to complete the token sale! We have gotten so much great feedback from the community of investors, I am really eager to mint the tokens and send them to all of the investors that I have gotten to know over the course of the sale.

After this I am looking forward to integrating the modum system with new blockchain technologies and exploring new possibilities in IoT wireless technologies.