| How to invest in modum
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How to invest in modum

How to invest in modum

 Using the MOD Token sale web app: A step by step guide

The MOD Token sale web app was designed to make the investment process easy and secure for each of our investors. To make it as convenient as possible for you, we have created a step-by-step guide so that you will be familiar with the web app and the investment process before beginning. The link to access the MOD Token sale web app will be made public, emailed to all registered participants, and listed on our token sale webpage. From here you will follow five simple steps: Register, Confirm, Choose a Wallet, Enter Refund Address, and Invest.

Token sale web app link: Publicly available September 1, 2017. 9:00 CEST.

Token sale start date: September 1, 2017. 12:00 CEST.

Token sale end date: September 22, 2017. 12:00 CEST.

Token sale web link: To Be Announced Sept 1, 2017

Currencies accepted: BTC/ETH/IOTA


View of walk through video of the web app here with a description below:


Step 1: Register


On the first screen, enter your email address and click “Next”. After clicking, you may be given a captcha to solve. This feature will only appear if our system suspects that there is some likelihood that you might be a bot.

Take note of the status of the token sale and which bonus tier you will be participating in at the bottom of this page. (In the example screenshot, it indicates that the Pre ITO is full and Tier 1 is at 0%.)


Step 2: Confirm


After entering your email you will be asked to check your inbox.

You will receive the following email to confirm your email address and be directed back to the web app.


Step 3: Create your wallet

You will have three options to create the wallet into which MOD Tokens will be deposited upon minting.

Tokens will be minted no later than 30 days after the token sale closes.

Option 1: Create a new wallet using the MOD Token sale web app. This wallet is MEW(My Ether Wallet) compatible and the downloaded JSON can be uploaded at After downloading your new wallet be sure to securely store it and the password. We cannot recover lost or inaccessible wallets for you.

Option 2: Alternatively, you can import an existing UTC JSON (My Ether Wallet) wallet file if you have one. Be sure that you have the password stored in a secure location. We cannot retrieve funds sent to an inaccessible wallet.

Option 3: (for sophisticated Ethereum users) You can also enter a valid Ethereum address manually. Make sure that you have the private key of this address.


Step 4: Refund Address


After creating your wallet you will be asked to specify a refund address. The refund address will be used to return funds to you in case the MOD Token sale is oversubscribed. If no address is provided and there are funds to be returned at the end of the token sale, will donate them to a charity at modum’s sole discretion.

You will have the option to specify the type of refund address depending on the cryptocurrency type (Bitcoin/Ether/IOTA) you are depositing.

Step 5: Invest


In the last step, three unique wallets, one in each of the cryptocurrencies that modum will accept, will be generated for you to deposit your funds into. These wallets are unique to you, only make payments to the wallets you generate in the application. You may deposit into them as often as desired.

A summary of your investor details will be mailed to you as soon as you get to step 5 in the MOD Token sale web app. In this email you will find your unique deposit addresses to invest in the MOD token sale as well as a confirmation of the wallet address where your MOD tokens will be received upon minting. These wallets are the same as those seen on the last screen of the app. Only deposit into the wallets you generate.

Once your transaction is confirmed an email confirmation with the investment amount will be sent to you. If multiple payments to the same address are made, you will receive one confirmation email per transaction.