| First Milestone Reached!
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First Milestone Reached!

First Milestone Reached!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first milestone voting between November 3 and November 17, 2017. The modum team is pleased to announce an overwhelmingly positive vote.

The purpose of milestone 1 was to determine whether or not the MOD tokens were successfully minted and distributed by the deadline set out in the whitepaper: October 22, 2017. (The MOD tokens were distributed to all participants of the token sale, officially, on October 21, 2017.) Click here to read the overview of Milestone 1.

Milestone 1 received an overwhelmingly positive vote with 98.5% of votes agreeing that tokens had been successfully distributed. Voting participation was 11.8%, totaling just over two million votes submitted.

The successful voting means that 900,000 tokens have been released as compensation for the token sale helpers, advisors, and participants the bug bounty program. is very excited to have successfully reached our first milestone and the team is already preparing for the second! To learn more about upcoming milestones please read page 13 of our whitepaper.