| COO Stefan Weber participates at the #Blockchain4EU
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COO Stefan Weber participates at the #Blockchain4EU

COO Stefan Weber participates at the #Blockchain4EU

#Blockchain4EU: Blockchain for Industrial Transformation is the first blockchain workshop organized by the Joint Research Centre’s EU Policy Lab at the European Commission. According the E.C. website: the project is a sociotechnical exploration of existing, emerging and potential applications based on the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies for industrial/non-fintech sectors.

The workshop was held on July 4, a group of 34 participants who represent the blockchain ecosystem in industrial/non-fintech sectors were selected, including technical experts, developers, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc.

COO Stefan Weber was one of the few selected to participate in the workshop at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. Stefan and the rest of the team are excited that leadership was represented at such a forward-thinking event. We look forward to continue working with the E.C. and collaborating with other participants in the future.

To read an official overview of the workshop activities and a list of all participants visit the EU Policy Lab blog.

Photo by: Alexandre Pólvora