| An update for MOD Token holders
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An update for MOD Token holders

An update for MOD Token holders

Thank you and congratulations to everyone who has made it into our first two investment tiers this morning. Our first tier was sold out within minutes and our second tier is already 80% sold out after just three hours.

We will continue to update our token holders as the token sale progresses. Until then, please read the following FAQs for more information on tier status, payment schedule, and repeat investments.

Which tier am I in? will provide an estimate app for all MOD Token holders in the coming days. This will allow you to estimate with reasonable accuracy which tier you participated in and what your MOD Token balance is.

When will I receive my tokens?

The MOD Tokens will be minted within 30 days after the token sale has closed. The token sale’s scheduled end date is September 22, 2017. We will email all token holders and those on our mailing list with the status of the sale as it progresses.

Can I verify the wallet I have created for MOD Tokens?

To verify your wallet please go to and choose “Keystore File (UTC/JSON)” and upload the wallet you created with the MOD Token sale app. You should see an empty but valid wallet. Contact us on Slack if you have any problems. Find a video below describing the process. Please note that for verification purposes the case of the characters in your wallet does not matter: letters may be shown in lower case or upper case, both are accurate addresses for your wallet.


I have paid my investment into the wallet I created for my MOD Tokens. What can I do?

Please access the wallet you created on the MOD Token sale app using Here you should see any amounts that you paid into the wallet. These funds are your own and can be sent to the deposit addresses generated for you in the MOD Token sale app to make your MOD purchase.

Only invest using the deposit addresses given to you in the app. We advise that you cross check these with the deposit addresses emailed to you in your investment summary.