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Improving supply chain processes by combining the best of blockchain technology and IoT.

Founded in 2016, AG is a tech startup developing systems to improve supply chain processes by combining the best of blockchain technology and IoT. Based in Zürich, between the “Crypto Valley” in Zug, a hot spot for fintech and cryptocurrency innovation, and Basel, a European pharma hub where Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche are headquartered, is perfectly located to bring our innovative compliance machine to market.

At we strive to make all of our client’s business processes more efficient and streamlined through the use of emerging technologies. We work with our clients to find pragmatic solutions that enable their customers, often the end user, to benefit from the most innovative technologies on the market. We leverage these same technologies to help our clients reduce costs and increase security, transparency, and profit.


Our team combines deep know-how in pharma, pharma logistics, and blockchain technology with the right mixture of start-up spirit and corporate professionalism to bring enthusiastic innovation and measurable results to our client’s business processes.


Malik El Bay

CEO - Sales & Marketing

Malik El Bay is a serial entrepreneur, experienced in building products and services in the fast-paced startup environment.


Andreas Knecht

Engineer - Sensor Devices & IoT

Andreas Knecht is a full stack engineer with a breadth of experience with smart devices, blockchain technology, and sensor data visualization, gained throughout his master studies.

SUh_sw-web 2

Sacha Uhlmann

CTO - Technologies & QA

Sacha Uhlmann has founded a software agency and worked for leading financial service providers. He contributes deep technological know-how and project management skills.


Dr. Stefan M. Weber

COO - Supply Chain & Operations

Stefan Weber holds a PhD in experimental physics and has a wealth of experience in product and supply chain management, R&D, sensors and IoT.



Pascal Degen

MSc ETH Zurich

Pascal Degen is currently employed as Head of Sterile Packaging at Novartis, he brings 15 years of pharma logistics and supply chain expertise.

marc degen

Marc Degen

EMBA, University of St. Gallen

Marc Degen is the CEO of Hotelcard International AG and former Head of Digitalization at Salt/Orange.


Michel Schaer

Drogist HF, Marketing Expert

Michel Schaer has built a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company and advises on all pharma-related topics.


Dr. Thomas Bocek

Doctorate University of Zurich

Thomas Bocek holds a PhD in informatics and has more than ten years of experience in decentralized and peer-to-peer systems.


Werner Spörri


Former investment banker who founded a trustee and investment management boutique. He advises on all corporate topics.

CAREERS is always looking for talented people to join our ambitious team. We welcome spontaneous applications. Please use the form on our contact page to tell us about yourself and your interest in, and we will be in touch.