Monitor, Automate, and Optimize your Supply Chain

Trusted Digital Ecosystems Powered by IoT Sensing and Blockchain

Monitor, Automate, and Optimize your Supply Chain

Trusted Digital Ecosystems Powered by IoT Sensing and Blockchain

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Don't Wait To Innovate

The MODsense Evaluation Kit offers your team the opportunity to work with MODsense alongside your regular operations. Our evaluation kit was designed so that your team can easily test MODsense — in your facilities using your processes — before initiating a full integration into your operations. It comes complete with two mobile phones that are pre-configured with our mobile app and five temperature loggers that are ready to monitor shipments. You'll have login access to your very own dashboard, custom shipment ID labels, our quick-start guide that allow your team to start monitoring shipments immediately, and also our support. 

Our Mission

We Make Your Supply Chain Transparent and Intelligent

Modum offers digital supply chain monitoring and analytics solutions that are simple to use and easy to integrate for a wide range of applications, including pharma. We leverage proven IoT and blockchain technologies to simplify our customers value chain automation and provide trusted data, fulfilling regulatory and internal quality requirements. 


Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

MODsense, Modum's premiere solution, offers trusted and scalable temperature monitoring for cold-chain applications with unprecedented ease-of-handling.

Monitor high volumes of shipments in last-stage logistics with MODsense and benefit from the immediate and automated validation of pre-programmed quality requirements. Data is immutable on the blockchain, managed securely and easily accessible. 

Application Areas

With You From Cold Chain to Last-Stage Distribution

Modum’s environmental-monitoring solutions support a wide range of industry applications, beginning with pharma and reaching as far as food and consumer electronics.

MODsense focuses on easy to integrate and scalable monitoring for the last-stage distribution of medicinal products. However, it can also be applied in healthcare to medical supplies and to the cold-chain transportation of vaccines, clinical trials, and medical or perishable foods, among other things. 

Our Solutions

Trusted Data Collection, Sharing, and Analytics

Our solution portfolio consists of MODsense, MODlink, and MODsight. They allow you to turn untapped supply chain data into your most valuable business intelligence.

MODsense collects trusted data and events from your supply chain, bringing them into your digital systems. MODlink enables you to leverage these trusted events across your IT systems to automate business processes. MODsight harnesses this data to optimize your supply chain operations, enabling predictive analytics applications. 

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