20 April 2020

Tokenholder Update

20 April 2020

Tokenholder Update

Dear Tokenholder,

Welcome to our fourth newsletter. In the following update you will find out where we are in the process of preparation for the token swap:

In the past weeks we have been working on the token swap app – it is almost ready! We plan to start testing it in the beginning of May and after the tester’s feedback has been processed, the app will be published in the app store.

three screenshots of modum token equity swap app

We are thrilled that almost 100 – 97 to be precise – of you subscribed to participate in the beta test round – if anyone else is interested to join the tester team, feel free to register by filling out this form.

How will the Testing and the Reporting Work?
For Android Users: You will receive a personal invite by email with the Android Package (APK) for installation on your device.

For iOS Users: First download Testflight in the App Store. We will then send you an invite via email. In the invite, click on the blue “View in Testflight” button, accept the invite and you are good to go.

To report the discovered bugs/issues, you sign up for the dedicated Service Desk (Jira), and you can start submitting the bugs you discovered. Please make sure to give a title that summarizes the issue, steps to reproduce as well as adding a description explaining the issue in more detail. If you can add a screenshot, that is a plus.

Do not Forget

  • Make sure to share your phone’s operating system with us (Android/iOS)
  • Make sure to use the same email address you use as your Apple ID
  • Make sure to download the Testflight App (iOS Users)

The results of the work the legal team is doing will be communicated when all the relevant answers have been obtained and are final. We will then also inform all tokenholders about the exact procedure of the swap process. Thank you for your patience and your support!

On another note: It came to our attention that someone has created several fake Facebook pages, claiming to give away “5,000 MOD to lucky people”. These pages are fake and modum.io AG is no way affiliated with the scammers or with the offer. Please report the page to Facebook and do not otherwise engage with it. Modum does not provide give-aways in form of MOD tokens. If in doubt whether an announcement is real or fake, please check back with us directly. Thank you!

Wishing you all a good day and stay healthy!

Kind regards,

The Modum Team